Site : Congress backs court challenge to Obama’s climate plan

27 février 2016By JMML'international, Politique et économie No Comments

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 200 members of Congress are backing a court challenge to President Barack Obama’s plan to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. A brief filed Tuesday with the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington argues that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its legal authority and defied the will of Congress by regulating … Read More

Site : Sea levels are rising slower than expected

15 février 2016By JMMGlaces et glaciers, Niveau des océans No Comments

Parched land has soaked up trillions of tons of water from melting glaciers, stopping it from ending up in the oceans. (Les terres desséchées absorbent des milliards de tonnes d’eau de fonte des glaciers, les empêchant d’atteindre les océans) Scientists led by a team at Nasa’s Jet propulsion Laboratory used satellite measurements to show the … Read More