Site : MIT : Green Energy Can’t Work Unless You Tax Everything

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Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have confirmed what many in the energy world already knew: Without government support or high taxes, green energy will never be able to compete with conventional, more reliable power plants. The study, announced by MIT’s News Office Wednesday, determined that conventional energy would be consistently less expensive than … Read More

Site : Scientists Debunk Study Eliminating Global Warming Hiatus

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So, there really hasn’t been much global warming lately. Scientists have debunked a controversial government climate report from last year claiming the 15-year “hiatus” in global warming never actually existed. A new paper put out by a group of scientists — including Michael Mann of “hockey stick” curve fame — has debunked a controversial National … Read More

Site : Greens Terrified Cheap Energy Is Killing Wind And Solar

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Cheap coal, oil and natural gas are outcompeting wind and solar power despite massive government support, and environmentalists are really upset about it. “I believe low energy prices may complicate the transformation, to be very frank, and this is a very important issue for countries to note; all the strong renewables and energy efficiency policies … Read More

Site : UN Climate Deal Could Make 5 Million More Africans Homeless To Fight Global Warming

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The United Nations global warming deal could make another five million people homeless in the world’s poorest countries, for the express purpose of setting forest land aside to slow global warming through conservation. Millions who live in and depend on forests for their livelihoods could be evicted from their wooded homes, according to new study … Read More

Site : Sondage : 91% des américains ne se sentent pas concernés par le réchauffement global (a)

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As Iowans prepare to vote for presidential candidates, a new poll has surfaced showing once again the vast majority of Americans don’t rank global warming as the most serious issue facing the country. A YouGov poll of 18,000 people in 17 countries found only 9.2 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern. … Read More

Site : 300 Scientists Want NOAA To Stop Hiding Its Global Warming Data

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Hundreds of scientists sent a letter to lawmakers Thursday warning National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists may have violated federal laws when they published a 2015 study purporting to eliminate the 15-year “hiatus” in global warming from the temperature record. “We, the undersigned, scientists, engineers, economists and others, who have looked carefully into the … Read More