Site : Gore, Attorneys General target fossil fuel companies for “fraud”

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La chasse aux sorcières est ouverte : A small number of attorneys general gathered at a press conference Tuesday to bemoan what they see as the “fraud” and unlawful actions perpetrated by fossil fuel companies such as ExxonMobil. The attorneys general, led by New York Attorney General Eric Daily Caller New FoundationSchneiderman, castigated oil producers … Read More

Site : ‘Climate change’ lawyers quietly lay groundwork for EPA takeover of U.S. energy

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Paru le 4 Février 2016 Environmentalist lawyers have been pushing a legal theory that would give the Environmental Protection Agency cover (EPA) to regulate every facet of state energy policy — effectively eliminating states’ authority to craft their own regulations. “Buried in the Clean Air Act is an extremely powerful mechanism that effectively gives EPA … Read More